Tencent dévoile son service social de CRM en Chine

Chinese Internet company Tencent launched a relationship management product called Tencent Qidian that integrates various enterprise social networking tools into an array of easy to use board. Based on Tencent QQ and WeChat (IM services) Tencent Qidian bring social value to small businesses and implement a CRM system oriented towards the customer based on instant messaging.

Baidugate: un scandale en Chine oblige Baidu à se ressaisir !

The biggest search engine in the Middle Kingdom was invited by the government to change its search results policies. This revolution was launched because of the many abuses that were reported on the search engine to lug Panda. These abuses have unfortunately led to the death of a young man. This young Chinese died of cancer. This sad but not uncommon story could have ended there.

MediaTek révolutionne le temps de chargement des smartphones

The MediaTek Taiwan-based company launched the technology Pump Express 3.0, and devices carrying this technology should be available in the market at the end of 2016. MediaTek noted that the Pump Express 3.0 solution can charge a smartphone battery to zero 70% in just 20 minutes. With this new technology, users can do four hours of phone calls by charging their phones only five minutes. Compared to previous Pump Express 2.0 technology, energy consumption was reduced by 50%.